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Westword Comic - Jack Kerouac Really did Drink at Herb's


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HERB'S is a Music Lover's - And Player's Paradise by Jon Soloman

"…Fridays and Saturdays, it's a mix of live jazz, funk and reggae acts…"
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Westword Article- 

"Once described by Stuff magazine as "a dive bar where hot women actually go," Herb's hosts live jazz, blues and R&B bands some nights, as well as DJs on others, in a wonderfully unpretentious vintage setting. The drinks are strong, the bartenders are friendly, and the music is more for swingin' than settin'. At times overrun with twenty-somethings looking for an alternative to LoDo nightlife, the place is usually stocked with a heterogeneous mix of the hip and unhip."


Herb's Circa 1960's